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Bon Temps ATV Park

OPENING MAY 8, 2015!

Located in Southwest Louisiana, Bon Temps ATV Park has over 1,000 acres of riding trails including two miles along the Bayou waterfront.

Bon Temps ATV Park is designed for the experience of off-road riding (4-wheel vehicles only)*, camping (tents & primitive RV at this time) and high flyin' fun for the entire family. If you want a place to get away and enjoy your side-by-side, ATV, or any other trail rig, look no further. We provide some of the best 20+ miles of trails; from mild to wild. The trails range from easy fun riding to the most extreme. Bon Temps also features a one-of-a-kind trail riding experience of up close encounters with over 500 head of exotic game, consisting of Elk, Red Stagg, Fallow, Axis, and White Tail deer. The trails and roads in the game park are a little on the tamer side. For those wanting to push the limits of man and machine, we have area off the banks and back water swamps of Bayou Nezpique. This is where you will find the soul of Bon Temps with mud boggings finest collection of trails, complete with hill climbing, wooded trails, deep water trails, and stream and gully crossings. This is truly an off road riders paradise.

*Trails not equipped for dirt bikes and/or 2-wheeled vehicles.

We would like to thank our sponsor, DI's Restaurant. Visit them in Basile, Louisiana for authentic Cajun cuisine, live Cajun music and dancing.

Our address is 287 Ahrens Road, Basile, Louisiana. Please use Google or Bing Maps to navigate your way to Bon Temps ATV Park. We are working to get our location updated with MapQuest.

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